Will an online doctor prescribe me ambien without submitting a local doctor’s prescription?

Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic that is readily available through online pharmacies. Anyone can easily get Ambien right at their doorstep by following some simple steps. But is Ambien available without a prescription? Is it safe to get Ambien in that way? Answers to all these questions will be discussed in this article.

Ambien without prescription

Yes, some online doctors do provide a prescription for Ambien for those who can’t afford to get a health insurance. They check the medical records submitted by the patient before they approve them for the online prescription. But this way may not be the safest way at all times. Since many people would find ways to sidestep this approval process or submit fake medical records, it is hard for an online doctor to analyze the true reason for taking Ambien.

Why is it not safe to get Ambien without a prescription from a local doctor?

  • The doctor will have to check the patient’s kidney, liver, lungs and for a history of depression, mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction, before giving the Ambien prescription.
  • Proper procedures must be followed to use the drug which can be directed only by a local doctor who will analyze the patient and then suggest methods.
  • Immediate Release or Extended Release for the patient will be decided only by the doctor after the physical examination.
  • The physician will have to check for drug interactions in the patient if he/she is already under any type of medication.
  • Some people are likely to ask for Ambien without medical purpose and hence an online doctor cannot differentiate the real purpose from the recreational purpose.
  • It should not be prescribed for people with alcohol consumption habit as Ambien when taken along with alcohol will increase the risk of side effects.
  • It is illegal to purchase Ambien without prescription in some countries. Individuals without prescription can obtain Ambien online prescription by consulting an online doctor in Rx online pharmacy.

Reasons why Ambien is advisable to take with an online doctor’s prescription

Children will be more sensitive to this drug and develop hallucinations or dizziness. Ambien has certain indications and if the patient is not aware of it then he/she is likely to end up in deep trouble. That is because Ambien’s effect will last even after we wake up and if the person hasn’t had a complete 7 – 8 hours of sleep or has combined any other form of drug that also brings about sleepiness, the person will not be able to do any work that requires alertness (like driving and operating any dangerous machinery). Ambien is seen to bring about certain adverse effects when consumed in a wrong dose or method. They are depression, serious anaphylactic reaction, abnormal behavioral changes and complex thinking and other unpleasant withdrawal effects. People with allergic reactions to the Ambien generic ingredient will get swelling of lips, throat, and face. Most common risk using this drug is memory loss and many cases have been reported as to not remembering the activities encountered during the drug intake. And in few cases, sleepwalking episodes have been combined with memory loss. All these problems can be eliminated by consulting a doctor before buying Ambien online as the online pharmacy would provide all such information.

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