Client Testimonials – How health insurance reduced Viagra cost?

“Viagra is the only ED drug that works for me and helps me have a good relationship with my partner. Luckily my health insurance covers this prescription drug else I would have spent hundreds of dollars on Viagra. Even though the cost of this pill has been increasing over the years, having the right health insurance allows me to take Viagra without feeling the pinch of the costs.” – Melvin

“For the longest time I used to buy Viagra online because it helped me to save a lot of money on my prescription with discounts and generic options. Now I’m able to afford health insurance and get my Viagra 50mg pills through them. This is a huge relief for me as I can now fill my prescription easily without worrying about how much it would cost me. I take Viagra only when I really need it for my ED so my insurance plan is just perfect. I must say that the worry of saving up just to be able to afford Viagra has completely vanished. Now I use Viagra without much worry about the price.” – Matt

“My current health insurance plan has a co-pay option for Viagra. I’m really glad it does as only recently I have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Since I pay only half the price of Viagra I’m able to take the drug. I thought my sex life would be over when I saw the real cost of Viagra. Ever since I checked my plan and found that I could get co-pay, I have been extremely happy. Now I don’t have to give up having a personal life or compromise on other medications.” – Kenny

“I currently live in the US and generic Viagra is not yet available here. My online doctor provided me with Viagra online prescription to buy 100mg Viagra though I only needed the 50 mg dose for my ED issues. This way I could split the pills and save half the amount that it would normally cost to directly buy Viagra 50 mg. Recently, I came across this private healthcare plan that had benefits for filling prescription ED medications. Now I still get the Viagra 100mg pills but under my medical insurance plan I’m able to save even more. So chuffed that I made this decision and my sex life is not affected in any way but only improved.” – Doug

“I was uninsured for a very long time. I never really faced any health issues so I did not really bother about this. But last year I was told that I had severe ED when I checked with a doctor about erection difficulties. I would have to take Viagra regularly if I wanted to have a normal sex life. I love my wife and do not want to disappoint her. So I finally found a health insurance plan that covered the Viagra prescription entirely. This has been keeping me going without causing any stress to my marriage. Good choice of plan indeed.” – Kay

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